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While you wait for your  video to arrive, I wanted to share with you my Power Pitching Mechanics course...

The EXACT Pitching Mechanics I used to top out at 96 mph!

and it's the same mechanics other MLB high velocity pitcher use too!

Isn't it every pitcher's dream to throw the ball faster and dominate hitters?

If you're NOT pitching at the speed you believe you should be, your pitching mechanics may be the culprit.

Fear not, you're in the right place.  No matter what velocity you're sitting at now, these Power Pitching Mechanics will add instant mph to your fastball!

Did you know:  That most pitchers have at least 3 mph in them right now that they're not getting out.  In some cases it can be as much as 10 mph!

So that means that if you're not using the right mechanics, you could be losing up to 10 mph on your fastball.

And we all know that the guys who throw slower are the guys who typically get overlooked (no matter of how good a pitcher they are).

So, how do we fix this?

Simple.  If you learn how to move your body like the best, then you can throw harder!

How do I know this works?  Well, I was in your shoes at one point in my pitching career.  I thought I had some decent speed on my fastball, but I was just struggling to get those extra miles per hour.

So, what I did was I started studying to hardest throwing pitchers in the game and I noticed a lot of similarities.

So, I implemented what I learned and increased my velocity significantly.  So much that when I made it into professional baseball I was topping out at 96 mph because of my mechanics.

I started striking more batters out and even won MVP that year!

Now I want to show you how to do the same...

  • Throw so hard you hurt your catcher's hand!
  • Make hitters scared of you before they even get in the box!
  • Throw so fast you can hear the ball sizzle!
  • Be the best pitcher on your team and in your league!

You may already think you have good mechanics, BUT are you using the RIGHT mechanics?

It's one thing to look like a good pitcher, but it's another thing to move like a good pitcher.  The better your pitching mechanics, the better and faster of a pitcher you are!

That's why you need to take my Power Pitching Mechanics Course.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Power Pitching Mechanics Training delivered?

Immediately after you purchase you will be prompted to create a login in which you can login and access your online video training.

The course includes the following videos:

  • Movement/Mechanics
  • Stretch vs Wind Up
  • The Set Up
  • The Leg Lift
  • 2 Types of Energy
  • The Stride
  • Leg Drive
  • Arm Path at Hand Separation
  • Scap Load & Inverted W
  • Hip to Shoulder Separation
  • External Rotation
  • Release Point
  • Follow Through
  • Arm Angle
  • Sequencing the Kinetic Chain
  • Common Problems and how to Fix Them
  • Analyzing yourself on Video

Is there a guarantee?

Yup!...all of my training programs have a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back.  It’s as simple as that!

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Get ready to learn how to pitch faster by learning the Power Pitching Mechanics of the Pros!

- John Madden