Becoming a Dominate Pitcher Begins with Learning Three Unhittable Pitches!

Get the secrets to pitching like a professional from former MLB pitcher, John Madden

Becoming a consistently great pitcher in today’s game of baseball takes more than pure athleticism; it takes in-depth knowledge of how to utilize your pitches as well as time spent putting these throws into action. With You Go Pro Baseball, you’ll learn the three exact pitches John Madden used to go from being a pitching star at Auburn, to being drafted by the San Diego Padres.

When you watch John’s video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Throw an unhittable Sinker!
  • Turn your Slider into a strike out pitch!
  • Make your Forkball move nastier than a Knuckle!
  • Use these exact pitches to get batters out!
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This is John Madden, former professional baseball pitcher and current pitching coach to many of the best pitchers in the game today. I’m passionate about helping you become a premier pitcher not only on your own team, but in all of baseball. Having once had the #1 Slider and #2 Fastball in the entire Padres organization, I know firsthand what it takes to climb the ranks with consistent, dominating pitching; and these are skills I’m ready to pass on to you. If you’re ready to learn how I threw these pitches and want in-depth instruction, download the video now and start improving your game today.