Add 3-5 mph INSTANTLY with this lead leg pitching mechanics trick!

This video will show you the exact 3 step movement that I used to top out at 96 mph!

Hi, I'm John Madden and I want to share with you a quick video where I show you my secret 3 step trick to gaining velocity quickly by focusing on your front leg.  Yes, it is really that simple and it's the same pitching mechanics I used to throw gas as a professional pitcher!  In this video you'll learn...

  • Why you need to set up this way to gain velocity!
  • The 3 step movement that will have you throwing gas!
  • How to leverage your energy and multiply your speed!
  • to get more hip to shoulder separation and pitch faster!
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Hey guys!  I just wanted to introduce myself real quick.  My name is John Madden and I'm a former professional baseball pitcher and current pitching coach to many of the best pitchers in the game today.  Some of my pitching accolades include topping out at 96 mph and being a power pitching All-American closer.  So if you want to learn exactly how I used my legs to throw gas, then go ahead and download the video now!