9 Out Of 10 Pitchers Won’t Master These 3 Pitches. Are You One Of Them?

You are better than you think—I got drafted with these 3 pitches, and you can too!

Hi, I’m John Madden, and I’ll show you not just how to become the best pitcher on your team, but also how you can dominate your league.
The chance to become a professional won’t just fall into your lap. But with the right information, the right attitude and the right training, you massively increase your chances of getting drafted.
This video will give you big league information that you can start using today to dramatically improve your game and:

  • Throw unhittable Sinkers every time!
  • Learn the secret that makes your Slider a strike out pitch!
  • Discover the Forkball that moves like a Knuckle!
  • Plus...how these pitches get batters out fast!
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Hey guys!  I just wanted to introduce myself real quick.  My name is John Madden and I'm a former professional baseball pitcher and current pitching coach to many of the best pitchers in the game today.  Some of my pitching accolades include having the #1 Slider and #2 Fastball in all of the Padres organization.  So, if you want to learn how I threw these nasty pitches, go ahead and click the button above so I can send you the video now!