Pitching 365.2

If you purchased Pitching 365.2 you will have access to all the modules below, but if you only purchased one module and want access to all of them, you can purchase the full program here.


This is the program intro where we cover everything that we will be talking about in this program and how to navigate and use it.  Please start here!

Module 2 - Power Pitching Mechanics

In this module we discuss the pitching mechanics/movement patterns that will keep you free from injury and help maximize velocity gains.

Module 3 - The Program

This is where the bulk of the program lies including strength, conditioning, speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, and the throwing program.

Module 4 - The Grip Guide

In this module we talk about how to grip and throw 30 different pitches and how to pick your arsenal.

Module 5 - Pitching Philosophy

In this module we will talk about the philosophies behind pitching and how you can become a smarter pitcher and dominate batters with less.

Module 6 - The Mental Side of Pitching

In this module we will discuss the mentality of a Bad Ass Pitcher, one who takes no prisoners, and dominates opponents!

Module 7 - Pitching Accuracy

In this module we talk about how to be a more accurate pitcher and commanding the baseball to go where you want it to!

Module 8 - Pitching Drills

In this module we will discuss the Pitching Drills that will help you become a more successful pitcher.

Module 9 - Arm Care

In this module we discuss what you can do before, during, and after training and throwing to make sure your arm stays healthy.

Module10 - Graduation

Although you should never stop learning, this program ends here.  In this module we will discuss some ideas for you in moving forward in your career.

Module 11 - The Science

In this module we discuss the science behind pitching and how it relates to this program.

Module 12 - Bonus

This module will house everything else that needs to be posted over time including any new or bonus material.