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Hi, I'm John Madden, and this is my story of going from 81-96 mph.  Story goes here.  This is where the story will go.  Here is my story.  You can read my story here.  This is a paragraph just to show what it will look like on mobile.  Please read this all the way through.  Pitching Velocity Secrets is very beneficial.  Check out all the benefits and bonuses you will receive.  This is the end of my short story.

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10 Velocity Producing Videos (playable on any device at any time!)

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Video #1 - How we're going to increase pitching velocity
Video #2 - The 1 thing a lot of pitchers don't have, so they never reach their max velocity (You Need This!)
Video #3 - Goal Setting Workshop - A must do step in the gaining velocity process (but many do it wrong!)
Video #4 - The 5 Power Pitching Pillars (including the Angled Corkscrew and the Front Leg Fulcrum)
Video #5 - The Velocity Multiplier
Video #6 - The Magic Formula for Throwing Progressions
Video #7 - How to make sure you're getting the most possible velocity while staying free from injury
Video #8 - The only way to think about velocity
Video #9 - How to speed up your velocity gains
Video #10 - The Velocity Stacker

Bonus #1


In professional baseball every pitch is charted for velocity, accuracy, pitch type, and result. Steal the same exact velocity chart we used in pro ball to track your pitchers to give them feedback for quicker results! Print them out and bring them to your games so you can track your velocity gains like the pros! This velocity chart comes with an accompanying video that explains exactly how to use it to get the most out of it so your pitchers excel on the mound!

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Bonus #2


Knowing where you are is just as important as knowing where you are trying to go!  Use the velocity cheat sheet to help you identify just that!  Use this cheat sheet during your goal setting workshop that is included in this offer so that you can accomplish all of your velocity aspirations!

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