The big ideas I've learned throughout the years that helped me top out at 96 MPH!

These Pitching Velocity Secrets can help YOU throw faster too!

Let me start off by saying that velocity isn't everything in pitching.  You have to be able to control the ball, move it, and at the end of the day be able to get hitters out.

But velocity is the #1 way coaches and scouts measure a pitcher's performance these days.  So, it is a very important part of pitching, especially if you're looking to play at the next level.

In this online training course we are going to talk about the big ideas, the secrets if you will, about how to gain pitching velocity.

This online course is for anyone who is looking to add a few MPH to their fastball in a short amount of time.

Here's what you'll be getting...


Mobility for Velocity



The Velocity Load


Lead Leg Leverage


Medicine Balls

Perceived & Actual

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How is Pitching Velocity Secrets delivered?

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Get ready to blow it by the batters!  I'll see you inside!

- John Madden