More Pitching Grips Videos!

My friends keep calling me crazy because they say I should charge a bunch of money for the videos I give out.  But that's not why I'm doing this.  I do this so that you can learn and be a better pitcher.  For those of you who want it bad enough, the info is out there.  With that being said, I know I only promised you a Sinker, Slider, and Forkball video, but I wanted to give you all of my other free pitching grips videos as a gift today!  So, have fun browsing through the videos below...

How to throw a 4 seam fastball and 12-6 curveball

How to throw a Cutter and 2 seam fastball

How to throw a Sinker, Slider, and a Forkball

But wait!...there's more!  Even though I've showed you 10+ pitches in the videos above, in my Pitching Program, Pitching 365, I show you how to throw 30 big league pitches!  And that's just 1 out of 12 modules!

Here's what you'll be getting when you order:

The Advanced Sinker & Slider Training is a video based advanced course on the Sinker & Slider.  You will get instant access to 20+ videos on how to throw the nastiest Sinker and Slider combo.  Below you will find some of the videos you will have access to...

  • Sinker & Slider Philosophy
  • Sinker & Slider Grips
  • How to throw the Sinker & Slider
  • When to throw the Sinker & Slider
  • The Sinker & Slider in action
  • Setting your sights with the Sinker & Slider
  • Sinker & Slider Pitching Drills
  • Bringing your Sinker & Slider into the game
  • Dominating hitters with your Sinker & Slider
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Here's what you'll be getting when you order:

Pitching 365.2 is a year long pitching program that includes 12 modules, over 135 videos, and a 257 page pdf.  It is the Ultimate Guide to Pitching!  If you want to be a better pitcher, throw faster, more accurate, and dominate hitters, then this is the program for you!...

  • Power Pitching Mechanics
  • Pitching Workouts
  • Throwing Program
  • The Grip Guide
  • Pitching Philosophy
  • The Mental Side of Pitching
  • Pin Point Pitching Accuracy
  • Pitching Drills
  • Arm Care
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