What if you knew exactly how to fix every pitching problem you've ever encountered?

With Pitching Drills Rx, that's exactly what you'll be able to do!

The way I like to think of Pitching Problems are a sickness and the Pitching Drills are the Prescription given by the doctor (me) to fix those problems.

That's what this online training course will help you do.  It will help you fix your specific pitching problems by showing you exactly what pitching drills to use.

This way you're not just doing drills to do drills.  You have a reason and meaning behind what you are trying to accomplish and that's what pitching drills should be used for anyway.

Here's the problems we'll be fixing...

  • Not using enough legs
  • Flying open
  • Collapsing on the front leg
  • Throwing across the body
  • Dropping of the arm
  • Throwing with all arm
  • Leading with the upper body
  • Early opening of the hips
  • Separating hands too early
  • Not creating enough energy

And here's my vault of pitching drills you'll be getting...

Wall Drill

Balance Drill

Back Pedal Drill

Reverse Wall Drill

Arm Action Drill

Hop Back Drill

Rocker Drill

Laying Throw Drill

Run & Gun Drill

Low Grab Rocker

Broomstick Drill

Medicine Ball Drills

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As always, this course is covered by my 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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How is Pitching Drills Rx delivered?

Immediately after you purchase this course you will be prompted to create a login in which you can then login and access your online video training.

Get ready to start fixing your problems and pitching the way you always knew you could!  I'll see you inside!

- John Madden