The Ultimate Guide to Pitching faster, more accurate, and dominating hitters!

Pitching 365.2 is a year long pitching program that includes 12 modules, over 135 videos, and a 257 page pdf.  It is the Ultimate Guide to Pitching!  If you want to be a better pitcher, throw faster, more accurate, and dominate hitters, then this is the program for you!...

What you're getting:

Module 1 - START HERE

This is the program intro where we cover everything that we will be talking about in this program and how to navigate and use it.  Please start here!


Module 2 - Power Pitching Mechanics

In this module we discuss the pitching mechanics/movement patterns that will keep you free from injury and help maximize velocity gains.

Module 3 - The Program

This is where the bulk of the program lies including strength, conditioning, speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, and the throwing program.

Module 4 - The Grip Guide

In this module we talk about how to grip and throw 30 different pitches and how to pick your arsenal.

Module 5 - Pitching Philosophy

In this module we will talk about the philosophies behind pitching and how you can become a smarter pitcher and dominate batters with less.

Module 6 - The Mental Side of Pitching

In this module we will discuss the mentality of a Bad Ass Pitcher, one who takes no prisoners, and dominates opponents!

Module 7 - Pitching Accuracy

In this module we talk about how to be a more accurate pitcher and commanding the baseball to go where you want it to!

Module 8 - Pitching Drills

In this module we will discuss the Pitching Drills that will help you become a more successful pitcher.

Module 9 - Arm Care

In this module we discuss what you can do before, during, and after training and throwing to make sure your arm stays healthy.

Module10 - Graduation

Although you should never stop learning, this program ends here.  In this module we will discuss some ideas for you in moving forward in your career.

Module 11 - The Science

In this module we discuss the science behind pitching and how it relates to this program.

Module 12 - Bonus

This module will house everything else that needs to be posted over time including any new or bonus material.

In the game of baseball today, you MUST be a complete pitcher, and not just a thrower if you want to compete, win, and pitch at the next level.

This is what Pitching 365 can help you do...

  • Pitch faster with your new Power Pitching Mechanics!
  • Get stronger and more explosive by following the training program!
  • Make batters look foolish with your new pitching arsenal!
  • Learn how to mentally defeat your opponent before they even step in the box!
  • Throw every ball exactly where you want it to go and eliminate free baserunners!
  • Implement the Pitching Drills to make yourself a more consistent Pitcher!
  • Learn how to take care of your arm and stay free from injury!


Of course, as always, you get my 60 day, 100% risk free, no questions asked, full refund, money back guarantee.  If you don't like it for any reason, no problem, I'll get your money back to you right away.  Your satisfaction is my #1 priority!

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Here's are some more of the program highlights:

MODULE 2 - Movement/Mechanics

  • Stretch vs Wind Up - Which one is better and which one to use.
  • The Set Up - By putting yourself into this position you can get so much more out of your delivery.
  • The Leg Lift - Understand how the best in the game use their legs to pitch faster.
  • The 2 Types of Pitching Energy - How to leverage and multiply your pitching energy down the mound.
  • The Stride and Leg Drive - Learn this and add instant MPH to your fastball.
  • Arm Path at Hand Separation - The correct way the upper body works in the pitching delivery.
  • Scap Load and The Inverted W - Stay free from injury by avoiding one of these two positions.
  • Hip to Shoulder Separation - Learn where 80% of your pitch speed comes from and how to get more out of it.
  • External Rotation - This is the catapult that can increase your ball speed tremendously.
  • The Perfect Release Point - If you get this right, the ball will FLY out of your hand.
  • The Follow Through - By learning from the pros we can understand the proper follow through.
  • All About Arm Angles - Whether you are over hand, 3/4, sidearm, or submarine, this program will work for you.
  • Sequencing the Kinetic Chain - This is the golden ticket to pitching and a MUST KNOW.
  • Common Problems and Fixes - Chances are your problem is fixable with one of these tricks.
  • Analyzing Yourself on Video - Learn how to do it yourself the right way.

MODULE 3 - The Program

  • 3 Different Stretching Routines
  • 6 Weight Training Routines (with at home alternatives if you don't have gym access)
  • 4 Season breakdown - Off-season, Pre-season, In-season, and Post-season
  • 4 Hip and Core Routines
  • Warm up routines, Conditioning, Plyometrics, Medicine ball routines, Speed and Agility, Mobility...
  • Throwing Program - Short Toss, Long Toss, Flatgrounds, Bullpens
  • Goal Setting, Calendars, Workout Logs, and much more!

MODULE 4 - The Grip Guide

  • How to pick your pitching arsenal
  • Fastballs - 4 seam, 2 seam, 3 Finger, Cutter, and Sinker
  • Breaking Balls - Slider, Curveball, 12-6 Curve, Knuckle Curve, Spiked Curve, Forked Curve, and Slurve
  • Change Ups - Straight Change, Circle Change, Star Change, Box Change, Eephus, Palmball, and Vulcan
  • Other Pitches - Dead Fish, Stinger, Split Finger, Forkball, Knuckle, Gyro, Shuuto, and Screwball
  • Plus more

MODULE 5 - Pitching Philosophy

  • Why you should pitch to your strengths and not the hitters weaknesses
  • The numbers and importance behind the first pitch strike
  • What pitch to throw in the 1-1 count
  • How to get batters out in 3 pitches or less
  • The secret of off speed priorities
  • Throwing back to back pitches
  • How to disrupt timing and balance and win the battle everytime
  • Actual Velocity vs Perceived Velocity and how to use them to your advantage
  • Which side of the rubber to pitch from
  • How to expand the zone to get more strikeouts
  • Reading the hitter
  • The philosophy of "Tunneling" pitches

And that's only 4 of the 12 modules!

There is much, much, more!...

Pitching 365.2 is a digital program which means it is delivered instantly!

Once you hit that order button and pay you'll be asked to create a login and you'll get instant access to everything mentioned above and more!

The best part is you can access this on your mobile phone, tablet, and/or your computer.  So you can have it wherever you go!

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Add To Cart - Just $50

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Of course you get my 60 day, 100% risk free, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.  If you don’t find this program to be worth it for ANY reason, I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.  Your satisfaction is my #1 priority!