I hope you got a lot from the video above about the lead leg mechanics.  But, there's more to it than that!  Be sure to check out "Power Pitching Mechanics" and "Pitching 365.2" while they are still on sale...

Here's what you'll be getting when you order:

The Power Pitching Mechanics module is a video based advanced course on the pitching mechanics that high velocity pitchers use to throw the baseball faster than most!  You will get instant access to 17 videos on Power Pitching Mechanics.  Below you will find some of the videos you will have access to...

  • Power Movements
  • Stretch vs Wind Up
  • The Setup and Leg Lift
  • 2 Types of Energy
  • The Stride and Leg Drive
  • Arm Path at Hand Separation
  • Scap Load and Inverted W
  • Hip to Shoulder Separation
  • External Rotation and Release Point
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Here's what you'll be getting when you order:

Pitching 365.2 is a year long pitching program for the serious pitcher that includes 12 modules, over 135 videos, and a 257 page pdf.  It is the Ultimate Guide to Pitching!  If you want to be a better pitcher, throw faster, more accurate, and dominate hitters, then this is the program for you!...

  • Power Pitching Mechanics
  • Pitching Workouts
  • Throwing Program
  • The Grip Guide
  • Pitching Philosophy
  • The Mental Side of Pitching
  • Pin Point Pitching Accuracy
  • Pitching Drills
  • Arm Care
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